Saturday, July 08, 2006

Have ya seen it yet?

The new Knitty is up! And much unlike the last issue (sorry last issue Knitty lovers) I adore it completely. I am dying so much to make these and these and these have actually made me reconsider gloves. Yes gloves, which I swore off forever after the nightmarish hot-dog finger incident I had trying to make them before.

Oh that photo makes me cringe so. Ok, yeah so there's also a pattern for some knitted wings in there (wtf??) and while this pattern is very, very pretty whenever I look at it there is a banshee in my head screaming "Hot Dog fingers!!!!! Hot Dog fingers!!!!" (Ok deep breaths... Calming down now...) Otherwise I really think this issue is such a winner. For me, this is what summer knitting is all about. The summer knitting, the socks, the handwarmers, the small things. I'm supposed to go to the Knit and Crochet Show in Pennsylvania next week. You can bet yarn for a couple of these things is going on my list of stuff to look for.

P.S. And don't forget the pretty, pretty beaded wristwarmer pattern. Someone in my knitting group made beaded wristwarmers a few months ago that had us all unabashedly drooling. Girls just love those pretty sparkles sometimes.


Karin said...

I've made a few pairs of gloves, trust me they get easier! And they're great gifts.

Dorothy said...

I love the beaded wrist warmers too and I was thinking about making a ton of them for friends and nieces. Christmas is coming way too fast.
I didn't get the wings at first, but then I thought they would make a cute Halloween angel or if you use glittery yarn, a fairy.
Gloves are always hard the first time or two. At least that's what my Grandma says. I've never tried.

Kari said...

Knitted wings? All i could think you'd want those for is halloween. I clicked on the link to the picture and it looks like they are trying to do some new style. (Mabye inspired by the x-men movie, that new character angel.) Well anyways, they didn't look as bad as they sounded, but still not something i would make.
However, the rest of the stuff looked cool. (Especially the wrist warmers which are very cute.)

Tracy said...

Jana, maybe we can try gloves together and then when we feel defeated at 3 in the morning and we're crying into our respective pillows we can think to ourselves "hey at least I'm not alone, Tracy (Jana) is probably pulling her hair out right now too!"

Or, we can just make snazzy wristlets. That would work as well.