Sunday, July 02, 2006

A forest in Jersey....

Well, the Forbes Forest scarf is continuing to grow. To me this picture shows just how slow this is knitting up. Granted, I feel like for some reason I haven't been knitting as much as I normally do (where exactly the time is going I have no idea) but still, the cables and bobbles and popcorns slow things up also. Still I think it will be very worth it, the pattern just gives it such a warm, springy texture, I think this will be a great winter scarf and I think the recipient will really like it.

The red toe up socks are moving along also. Come to think of it, these are my traveling project, so maybe I've been knitting on the road more than at home lately? Dunno. Anyway, the verdict is still out on the toe-up thing, I'm getting better at the short row toes and heels, but it's far from being second nature just yet. Another thing- this picture totally does not do this yarn justice. This is Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn I got for a song at Stitches last year. The colors are mostly reds and purples but there is also brown (and maybe some greens) along where you can tell the dyes overlapped. It is very, very pretty. The only drawback? It's a little thin so these are being knit on size 1 needles. Which aren't that different than the size 2's I'm used to, they just seem kind of sharp to me, and they've definitely warped already from the warmth of my hands. A couple of them are pretty curved, but I'm going on and sticking it out anyway.

Btw-cool blog post of the week? If you have a minute, go to Say's blog for a fun read about one of the most exotic Stitch and Bitch meeting I've heard about in awhile. Also , there's some amazing sky photos and a bear encounter adventure that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. Say is doing forestry work for the summer which is so cool. Last week I was complaining about having a barbecue in a tent? Well, she's spending her summer in one. Very neat!

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Dorothy said...

I like the scarf. It's really pretty. I can see how it would be slow going though.